BMW Vantablack X6 sprayed using Q1® masking products

Q1® is delighted to announce that products from our automotive refinishing range were used in the creation of the BMW Vantablack X6 show car.

Finished in Vantablack VBx2, a near total light-absorbing material with a nanoscale coral structure, spraying the new X6 show car required a range of masking products engineered for performance under even the most unusual paint conditions.

Understanding that Vantablack is no ordinary automotive finish, its creators and those responsible for spraying the car, Surrey Nano Systems, selected a range of premium-grade Q1® masking products, to protect the X6’s windscreen, sills, wheels, lights and grill.

Ionela Stetco, Marketing Manager for Q1® in the UK comments:

We are honoured that Q1® products have been used in the masking and spraying of the extraordinary BMW Vantablack X6 show car. Seeing how our products retained their premium performance and clean removal even against such a technologically advanced material, is a real testament to the ongoing innovation of our product range.

With a total hemispherical reflectance (THR) of one percent, the BMW X6 show car has been coated with the Vantablack variant VBx2 which was originally developed for architecture and science applications. The finished show car, unveiled in October 2019, is considered the blackest black in existence and is perceived as two-dimensional by the human eye.

To find out more about Q1® masking products for the automotive refinishing market, click here. To read more about the BMW X6 Vantablack, click here and to learn more about Surrey Nano Systems, click here.

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