Automotive Masking Film: Advantages for Car Protection

Q1 Tapes Masking Film on automotive

Automotive masking film is a protective solution for masking wide areas of vehicles, with an easy, fast and accurate application. The best products on the market feature a host of benefits that make them perfect for spray booth painting due to their adhesion power and ability to hold overspray.

Q1® Tapes offer a high quality automotive masking film for car and vehicle protection during painting. The development of this tape line was designed to enhance the process of car masking. It delivers a product that  guarantees safe and effective protection. It is light and easy to dispose and guarantees outstanding conformability to the vehicle surfaces and provides easy roll release and fast application.

Automotive Masking Film: How is it Made?

Q1® Premium Protecting Film is made of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) a plastic material that boasts excellent resistance and tensile strength. Thanks to its large strength-to-density ratio, this plastic can also withstand high temperature for short times. For this reason, it is a perfect solution for automotive painting in body shop spray booths. During the production of Q1® Premium Protecting Film, the HDPE polymer is treated through specific temperatures and a special inflation process that makes it elastic and resistant.

During the production process, automotive masking film is subjected to corona treatment, a technique that alters its properties as to enhance its surface tension. The result is an increased ability to retain paint overspray.

q1 masking film production

Automotive Masking Film: Qualities & Advantages

Q1® Premium Protecting Film is the perfect solution to protect wide areas of vehicles from overspray. It can be handled and applied easily by one person, and can be fastened to the vehicle with the aid of masking tape. Thanks to the accurate production process and the treatment of the raw material with specific additives, this automotive masking film provides some key features that will guarantee a quick  and precise job:

  • Maximum Adhesion of Paint: Corona treatment allows the film to attract and retain paint overspray during booth painting. Forget the paint slipping downward and dropping on the floor. The film will hold back the paint and ensure a clean job.
  • Translucent Material: Automotive masking film is made of transparent polyethylene designed to ease the movement of vehicles during painting operations.
  • High Resistance: The special high density composition of the material makes it tear resistant. This also helps prevent rips filtering through the paint.
  • Excellent Adhesion: During the production process, Q1® Premium Protecting Film is electrically charged in order to acquire electrostatic properties, which allow it to cling easily to the vehicle and adhere steadily to the surface. In addition, the automotive masking film provides a centered printing that helps with alignment on the vehicle.
  • High Temperature Resistance: Engineered to resist up to 110°, withstanding the temperature required in body shop spray booth painting.
  • Solvent Resistance: The chemical structure of the HDPE used in Q1® masking film is resistant to the solvent used in many of the paints for automotive refinishing.

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