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Q1® Premium Masking Paper

Q1® Premium Masking Paper

Car Masking Paper

Q1® Premium Masking Paper is a high quality 50gsm car masking paper, created for automotive aftermarket applications.
Q1® car painting masking paper is designed to offer protection against primers, varnishes and both water and solvent based paints. The tightly bonded paper protects against fibre contamination and conforms easily to irregular surfaces.

Car masking paper with good penetration resistance

Q1® car masking paper boasts good penetration resistance preventing the paint from filtering through and staining the surface of the vehicle. The paper is ideal to protect wide areas where a product stronger than masking film is required, and is especially recommended to eliminate rework caused by fibre contamination in paint job.

Sizes of our car painting masking paper

Car masking paper is available in Kraft brown colour in three different sizes of 45 cm X 200 m, 90 cm X 200 m, and 120 cm X 200 m.   Are you looking for the best masking solution? Learn more about our masking paper techniques
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  • High quality 50gsm Kraft masking paper
  • Specially treated paper
  • Excellent resistance to base coats, clear coats, urethanes and water based paints
  • Thin paper
  • Tightly bonded paper

Available Colour

  • Kraft Brown

  • Good penetration resistance
  • Good conformability
  • Lint and fibre free
  • Helps reduce rework caused by bleed-through
  • Easy to handle to help improve productivity
  • Helps eliminate rework caused by fiber contamination in paint job
Part# Size
MP0245 45 cm X 200 m
MP0290 90 cm X 200 m
MP02120 120 cm X 200 m
Substance g/qm 48-52 DIN EN ISO 536:2012
Tensile strenght md N/15 mm > 22 DIN EN ISO 1924-2:2009
Tensile strenght cd N/15 mm > 11 DIN EN ISO 1924-2:2009
cd / md relation % > 40
Breaking lenght md mtr. > 3100 DIN EN ISO 1924-2:2009
Breaking lenght cd mtr. > 1600 DIN EN ISO 1924-2:2009
Breaking lenght average mtr. > 2350 DIN EN ISO 1924-2:2009
Burst strenght abs. kPa > 65 DIN EN ISO 2758:2014
Burst strenght rel. kg/qcm > 1.3 DIN EN ISO 2758:2014
Air resistance (Bendsten) ml/min 200-600 DIN 53120-1:1998
Sizing COBB 60 g/qm 15-25 DIN EN ISO 535:2014

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